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A cursive capital L inside a three-segmented circle i. Peterson, as introduced in but discontinued sometime previous to publication of his book. This date is presumably based on a check into the U. Patent and Trademark Office records. In more recent years the cursive L is typically plain, not inside a circl e. All Libbey glassware is not marked, although much of it is. Libbey used several other trademarks in their early years of glass production which are not commonly seen, such as on cut glass tableware items. Check this site for an article on Libbey with more information on their early marks timeline:. I found some pedestal wetlands cattails, a duck, a frog, and dragon fly tumblers and cannot find who made them.

How to Identify Antique Crystal Stemware

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A part set of Georgian cut crystal, comprising of seven rummers, five smaller rummers and two decanters, both engraved with stoppers.

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old to new, Date, new to old. 23 products. Estelle Colored Wine Stemware – Set of 6 {Custom Set}. Estelle Colored Wine Stemware – Set of 6 {Custom Set}.

One important step in identifying and valuing your antique crystal stemware is learning how to identify the crystal manufacturer. Antique crystal has been treasured by owners and graced tables for more than years and its story is just as sparkling today. Learn all about crystal stemware identification to find out where your piece came from. It is difficult to identify crystal stemware manufacturers who made glass between the 17th and 19th centuries.

But by the s, companies started to manufacture crystal stemware in large quantities with manufacturer marks. There are several methods for identifying crystal stemware, but they vary in accuracy. The best way is to first identify the pattern and the manufacturer. You might not notice it at first, but most crystal stemware has some type of marking. A magnifying glass and holding the stemware up to light can help you spot the mark and read it.

Manufacturers often used unique patterns or identified their specific products with pattern names and numbers. If you can identify the pattern of your stemware, it can lead you to the manufacturer information. Knowing what names to look for can help you pick out pieces that are high quality and collectible. Some of the best-known crystal companies of the s and s include:.

Antique glass does have not the same chemical make up as crystal.


Which type of drinking glass goes with which drink? If you want to update a home bar or wine cellar and have a semi-professional look when you serve your guests drinks, learn about the types of glassware you need for your personal bar. This quick guide will help you find out which types of bar glasses are appropriate for which drink!

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You can thank George Ravenscroft for the astonishing variety of antique drinking glasses we have today. The Englishman was first to produce clear lead crystal glassware on an industrial scale, vastly improving the process of adding lead oxide to glass in A glass revolution was started and the first goblet to sit on the shelves of antique drinks cabinets across the country was developed – the baluster. But what exactly are they collecting? Antique baluster glasses Heavy balusters or goblets were all the rage between and The feet of these antique drinking glasses were folded and domed to strengthen the vessel.

Antique balustroid glasses Lighter versions of balusters were introduced in the 18th century, due to taxes imposed according to the weight of the glass. These new antique wine glasses were known as balustroids, distinguishable by their hollow stem complete with bubble of air. Air-twist stem glasses Evolving from balustroids, these lighter and more elegant antique drinking glasses were produced by drawing out the bubble of air within the stem.

Intricate twists were created, fitting in nicely with growing Rococo fashions and thirst for Chinoiserie styles. Opaque twist glasses Enamel rods were brought in at the same time air-twists were being produced about

A collector’s guide to antique drinking glasses

The glass of fashion and the mould of form : Hamlet, iii. First published January New Impression March Diffuseness has been avoided, but this, I hope, has enabled me to make the book the more lucid, as well as the more succinct.


Also, this page will be slowly updated over time…by no means is the entire collection viewable. For All Glassware: Any nicknames that I use are in quotes, e. Small Crystal Wine Glass? Crystal Coupe? Durand 1. Hi, I was wondering if you have any idea of how to acquire a tumbler like the crystal double old fashioned you have. My great grandmother had a set, but in her old age dropped it and I am trying to find a replacement for her.

Thank you. I found them in an Atlanta antique store. Good luck in your hunt! Hi, Tony! No, none of them are currently for sale.

Antique and Vintage Glassware

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L in cursive script mark: Libbey Glass Company, Toledo Ohio, logo/marking seen on especially tumblers and other drinking glasses, barware, wine glasses and stemware This date is presumably based on a check into the U.S. Patent and They all have the extra L. Do you have any idea how old these may be?

Crystal stemware was a classic wedding gift for many decades and this tradition still stands when it comes to the best, timeless brands of crystal. Waterford crystal is one of those brands. Waterford crystal is often an item people sell at estate sales and many sellers have no idea what their Waterford is worth. If you are looking to sell your Waterford, or purchase some at your next estate sale , read on to learn all about this long-standing tradition in crystal glassware.

Wait a second. Crystal is a type of glass, specifically glass made with lead. Most crystals have a combination of silica, soda and lead-oxide. Lead crystal is very strong and often used in wine glasses and decorative ornaments.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Antique and vintage glassware ranges from simple to fantastic, and affordable to outrageous – literally something for everyone. Use these online value guides to help you identify and value many different types of vintage glass. Learning about old glassware goes far beyond valuing it, however. In fact, oftentimes you have to figure out what type of glass you own before you can find the value.

Take a look at these additional resources to learn more about your antique and collectible glass pieces.

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The subject matter of this page is a somewhat mixed bag of physical features or characteristics that are found on the major portion of a bottle – the body, including the shoulder and neck. Since this site does not have separate pages or sections to specifically cover the shoulder and neck of bottles, they are combined in with the bottle body characteristics because of the commonality of features they all share. When referring to the “body” of a bottle on this page, it is meant to mean body, shoulder, and neck unless otherwise noted.

On other pages, these three morphological parts of the bottle are considered separately. The body of a bottle has an assortment of characteristics or diagnostic features that can assist a person trying to date or at least tell a more complete story of a given bottle. The structure of this page covers three main categories of bottle body related features. The first category encompasses those that are induced by some process related to the manufacture of the bottle, excluding mold induced features.

This includes various glass character features e. The second category includes the characteristics that are caused or induced in some way by the mold or molding process. This is the biggest category since most bottles manufactured during the time span covered by this website early s to s were produced in molds. The final category includes features induced to the bottle body after the blowing and molding has taken place, i. These categories are somewhat arbitrary since there is overlap between them and just about everything discussed here is related to the overall manufacturing process which produces a finished bottle.

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